Land and Sea Experience

"Doing the Combo is a great way to do experience Bora Bora if you don't have much time!!-M. Rothers (Honolulu, HI)"

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"The Best lookout spots accessible only by 4WD"


"WWII Guns Lookout"



"Best Snorkeling areas on the island, Black Tip Shark visit and Sting Ray Discovery" 


"Coral Garden visit with multicolored reef fish swimming around you"






Combo Land and Sea Testimonials

“Unforgettable experience!!!”

Bora bora has got to be the most amazing place and most magical island we have ever been to. And to top it all off we booked a 4x4 tour with Vavau, which was such an incredible experience. Thank you so much Django for making this the prefect holiday!

“Great day out on the waters of Bora Bora”

We were a group of 4 our mum being 81 a boat with a great canopy for shade was perfect. We all had an amazing day. We were picked up from the wharf and taken to the Rohivai tours office, joined the boat and went to pick up other guests. Today the waters were calm enough to go outside the lagoon and on the way out my husband spotted in the distance whales, what a bonus !!! Our guides took us out closer and what a show they put on for us. Next to swim with reef sharks in the most amazing clear deep water it felt sureal. As the clarity was amazing mum was able to see the sharks almost as well as we did when we were snorkling. Next was back inside the lagoon to swim with Manta Rays, beautiful creatures. After that we went to swim and interact with Sting Rays and see giant Eels. Our guides ensured mum enjoyed the experience just as much on the boat as we did in the water, bringing the marine life close to the boat. Next was lunch on a private Moto and a chance to swim off its beach. We enjoyed lunch on over the water tables, enjoying local fruits, yummy mango, banana , coconut, salad, beautifully cooked chicken and mahi mahi. a couple of hours to relax and take mum for a swim, walk up to the look-up and enjoy magnificent views over bora bora. What a great day out.... Thank you.

“Awesome Day of Snorkeling”

The tour we took was on the 29th of August. Our guides, Django and Rainu, made it all worthwhile and exceptional. It was a great day of snorkeling, history tour and a fantastic lunch in the water(tables set in the water). They were the top notch guides and they made it a very memorable and unforgettable experience. I recommend that you ask for them as your guides!!




-Do you serve lunch?

On this tour we do not serve lunch, but we can drop you off at the restaurant of your choosing.

-Do we need sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a very good idea as the sun in Bora Bora is deceivingly strong. I would lather several times throughout the day. I would recommend SPF 50 sunscreen. It doesn’t go higher that that, if you see more its just a gimmick to get you to pay more!

-Do we need snorkeling gear?

We will have snorkeling equipment available for your use (Mask and Snorkel) if you wish to have fins. Please grab some from your hotel’s activities center.

-How do I get picked up and dropped off?

For the morning portion of the tour we will pick you up at your hotel lobby with our trucks if your hotel is on the main island. Or if your hotel is located on a private island you will have to take the hotel shuttle to the main island and we will pick you up at their normal drop off location. 


-Do we need sunscreen?

Although our trucks are covered you will be getting out of the truck a few times and having a little sunscreen is always a good idea. I would recommend SPF 50 sunscreen. It doesn’t go higher that that, if you see more its just a gimmick to get you to pay more!


-What kinds of shoes should I wear?

Wear comfortable flip flops/slippers/tongs or shoes, please refrain from wearing anything with heals as when you get out of the truck to visit the sites the ground can be a bit uneven. I would also recommend water shoes for when you are in the lagoon portion of the tour.

-How do we get back to the hotel?

We take you back to the hotel by Boat.

-Should I bring a camera?

Definitely bring your camera, there will be many picture taking opportunities along the way. It’s really hard to miss a shot in Bora Bora. If you have an underwater camera bring one as well! If not we do have Gopro’s available for rent for the day.

-Is it safe?

We have engineered our roads to be the safest on the island. Our tour is designed around safety first and our Tour guides have been trained with that on their minds first!

The Sea portion of the tour is also very safe as the tour will be within the lagoons of Bora Bora.


-Should I bring money?

I would advise you to bring a bit of money as we do make a stop at a Pareu (sarong) workshop. These Pareu’s are fairly inexpensive and a great hand made souvenir from Bora Bora. And you will have to take care of your own lunch once we drop you off at the restaurant of your choosing.

-What happens if it rains?

Our trucks have a top and if necessary we do have side covers we pull down which are see through.

-I have a bad back can I still go?

We have taken many people that have bad backs and we make sure to be extra careful when someone with that condition is on board! Even having that person sit next to the driver so that they are facing frontwards. We have designed our roads to be as easy as possible.

-How long is the tour?

The tour is about 7hrs long, all day tour.

-Are there bugs and mosquitoes?

Depending on the seasons there will be more than other times. But I would recommend you bringing your own bug repellant, especially if your skin is extra sensitive to mosquito bites.



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Doing the Combo is a great way to do experience Bora Bora if you don't have much time!!


Bora Bora should be done by land and by Sea, we have combined the best tours of the island in one fun filled day of activities. The morning will start off with Vavau’s 4x4 adventure tour. Our multilingual guides will usher you around the island, and take you around the best lookout points and areas of interest on the island. “Faanui’s” Lush green valley where Banana trees and pineapple bushes are garden plants in peoples yards.


Visit the WWII guns, which blend into Bora Bora’s flora and have become a pinnacle point of the islands recent history. These are few of the highlights you will experience with our guide while he drives you around the island.

Under water is where the next set of adventures will take you. Imagine diving into a life size saltwater tank, you will be able to visit with reef sharks and play with the Grey rays. At the coral garden you will loose yourself among clouds of colorful blue damsels, yellow angelfish to name a few.

As our boat gently bounces up and down the vibrant colorful lagoon, you can gaze into the crystal clear seas and observe the underwater life that doesn't seem to mind you watching from above. At the end of the day you would have experienced the best there is to see in Bora Bora.

Lunch will be served on our private Island. A choice of BBQ meats and fish along with a salad bar is available for your enjoyment.

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