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Lagoon Tour with Traditional Tahitian Feast

"Seeing the opening of the traditional Tahitian Oven is such a Great experience, and the food is awesome!!-L. Talor (Santa Monica, CA)"

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"Best Snorkeling areas on the island, Black Tip Shark visit, Sting Ray Discovery and Coral Garden" 

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"Stop and visit the most unique private island on Bora Bora, with 360 degree views"



"Traditional Tahitian Feast in Earth Oven."


"Have Lunch with your Toes in the water, a unique experience"




Full Day Lagoon Testimonials

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We spent 7 days on Bora Bora and this was one of the major highlights of our time there. They picked us up at our resort, the Intercontinental La Moana at 9:00 AM. The first place we visited was out in the open ocean just outside the island where we snorkeled with the Black Tip Sharks and also had the wonderful experience of seeing Lemon Sharks that stayed mostly on the bottom, but so fun to watch. Our next stop was snorkeling with Manta Rays that was amazing. Our next stop was to feed the Stingrays and also got to watch more Black Tip Sharks. The Rays were everywhere and very friendly and loved the fish we fed them. We then went to a private Motu (island) where we were treated to an amazing picnic of fresh Mahi Mahi, fruit and drinks. This tour company is wonderful.....HIGHLY recommend!!

“Great day out on the waters of Bora Bora”

We were a group of 4 our mum being 81 a boat with a great canopy for shade was perfect. We all had an amazing day. We were picked up from the wharf and taken to the Rohivai tours office, joined the boat and went to pick up other guests. Today the waters were calm enough to go outside the lagoon and on the way out my husband spotted in the distance whales, what a bonus !!! Our guides took us out closer and what a show they put on for us. Next to swim with reef sharks in the most amazing clear deep water it felt sureal. As the clarity was amazing mum was able to see the sharks almost as well as we did when we were snorkling. Next was back inside the lagoon to swim with Manta Rays, beautiful creatures. After that we went to swim and interact with Sting Rays and see giant Eels. Our guides ensured mum enjoyed the experience just as much on the boat as we did in the water, bringing the marine life close to the boat. Next was lunch on a private Moto and a chance to swim off its beach. We enjoyed lunch on over the water tables, enjoying local fruits, yummy mango, banana , coconut, salad, beautifully cooked chicken and mahi mahi. a couple of hours to relax and take mum for a swim, walk up to the look-up and enjoy magnificent views over bora bora. What a great day out.... Thank you.

“Awesome Day of Snorkeling”

The tour we took was on the 29th of August. Our guides, Django and Rainu, made it all worthwhile and exceptional. It was a great day of snorkeling, history tour and a fantastic lunch in the water(tables set in the water). They were the top notch guides and they made it a very memorable and unforgettable experience. I recommend that you ask for them as your guides!!


-Do we need sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a very good idea as the sun in Bora Bora is deceivingly strong. I would lather several times throughout the day. I would recommend SPF 50 sunscreen. It doesn’t go higher that that, if you see more its just a gimmick to get you to pay more!

-Do we need towels?

We do offer towels, but if you want to bring your own feel free.

-Do we need snorkeling gear?

We will have snorkeling equipment available for your use (Mask and Snorkel) if you wish to have fins. Please grab some from your hotel’s activities center.

-Is the tour dangerous?

The lagoon tour is not dangerous at all, we do recommend to be a bit cautious when around the stingrays and anytime getting on and off the boat.

-What is for lunch?

Chicken with Spinach, Taro, "Uru" Bread fruit, Poisson Crue (Tahitian Ceviche), "Poe" Tahitian pudding, and Pork.  We will still have our regular menu:  Small Salad buffet, grilled chicken, local fish, cold pasta, and sautéed herb Potatoes.

-Do you serve Vegetarian dishes?

We do have veggie-based dishes, we can make vegetarian side dishes based on special request. Please let us know ahead of time to work something out for you.

-What kind of drinks do you serve?

We do have our local beer Hinano (golden beer) and soft drinks available for you.

-Where is the private island located?

We have a very unique private island for Bora Bora, located on the south east side of the island. What is unique about this island is that it has a little mount, which you can hike up it and enjoy the beautiful view.

-How do I get on and off the boat when snorkeling?

We have Special ladders that make it easy for anyone to get up and down it.




A truly Cultural connection, Tasting the traditional Tahitian food cooked in an Earth Oven is an experience never to be forgotten…

Your boat captain is your guide for this full day ocean adventure that is an absolute must-see, must-do adventure for all who vacation in beautiful Bora Bora. With sunscreen applied, shades on, and looking good in ocean wear, your fabulous adventure begins with a circle island boat excursion. Sea spray will refresh you as you glide over the turquoise lagoon revealing amazing vistas that will delight your eyes and cameras.

Ever swim with a Rays? In waist-deep water, get up close and personal with these magnificent fish with smooth, flat bodies, flapping wings and friendly demeanor. Feed them fish and they will be your newest friend. Not to worry – rays don’t have teeth! Snorkels and masks are provided by your captain and will give you a whole new perspective as you see what fish see. Tame sharks, cousins of the rays, will impress you as they glide past you with poise and beauty.

With a new coat of sunscreen and snorkel and mask in hand, plunge into the crystal blue depths at coral garden, an amazing underwater oasis of color and shape. Corals of virtually every hue are home to teeming fish, animated and equally colorful. Prefer to stay in the boat? The colorful ocean life below is visible through the sparkling, clear lagoon.

On a beautiful motu islet, our family has been grilling and chilling and await your mid-day arrival. With your feet in the Lagoon on your own lunch table enjoy a sumptuous plate of Tahitian Food prepared in an earth Oven “Ahi ma’a”. On the menu Suckling pig, Taro root, Uru “Breadfruit”, Poisson crue (Tahitian Ceviche) and for dessert Po’e “Tahitian Pudding”! Seating is limited for this tour so book now…