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Lagoon Tour with ROHIVAI

"An unforgettable experience..."

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"Best Black Tip Shark Observations, outer reef" 


"Stingray Discovery, at the underwater playground"


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"Coral Garden snorkeling experience"


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"Visit one of the most breathtaking private islands on Bora Bora"





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"Best Tour on the Island"

This was the best tour we did while we were on the island. Arii and Christian were great! We snorkeled with sharks (Black Tip and Lemon), came in contact with more stingrays than I've ever seen in my life, snorkeled at the beautiful crystal aquamarine coral garden - and ended our tour on a private motu with a breathtaking view of the reef. If you're only going to do one excursion while on Bora Bora, this is the one to do.

“What a Fantastic Day”

Our tour was amazing. We were out for about 6 hours. Swimming with sting rays, lemon sharks, and visiting amazing coral reefs and beautiful tropical fish. Our tour guides Tehei, ET, and Christian were fantastic. They made our day so brilliant. They were very knowledgeable which made the day great. We were serenaded by Tehei on his ukuleles along our way which was a real treat. To finish the day we were taken to an exclusive island were we ate local fruit and juices whilst we took in the amazing views of Bora Bora. We would definitely recommend this tour.

“Unforgettable day on the lagoon in Bora Bora”

Thanks Tehei and Arii for an unforgettable day - all was perfect! Sharks and rays were amazing but I appreciated your warm welcome and attentiveness.



-Do we need sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a very good idea as the sun in Bora Bora is deceivingly strong. I would lather several times throughout the day. I would recommend SPF 50 sunscreen. It doesn’t go higher that that, if you see more its just a gimmick to get you to pay more!

-Do we need towels?

We do offer towels, but if you want to bring your own feel free.

-Do we need snorkeling gear?

We will have snorkeling equipment available for your use (Mask and Snorkel) if you wish to have fins. Please grab some from your hotel’s activities center.

-Is the tour dangerous?

The lagoon tour is not dangerous at all, we do recommend to be a bit cautious when around the stingrays and anytime getting on and off the boat.


-Where is the private island located?

We have a very unique private island for Bora Bora, located on the south east side of the island. What is unique about this island is that it has a little mount, which you can hike up it and enjoy the beautiful view.

-How do I get on and off the boat when snorkeling?

We have Special ladders that make it easy for anyone to get up and down it.





You havenʻt truly experienced Bora Bora until youʻve discovered the magic that awaits you on the turquoise lagoon horizon…

Pick up at your Hotel Pier by Boat is the first part of your adventure. The sun is out and your day on the beautiful lagoon of Bora Bora is about to begin. Gliding along the lagoon on our Boat you will be able to appreciate the beautiful changes in hues of the lagoon. Your first underwater adventure will be visiting small reef sharks along the reefs edge and swim above them as the go about their daily business. The excitement of this stop will prepare you for our next stop the Ray discovery. In waist deep water, get up close and personal, you can feel their velvet like skin as they brush up against you. Not to worry! Rays have no teeth, feed them some fish and they will be your new best friend.


Next stop the Coral Garden, imagine being able to dive into a life size saltwater tank with a multitude of reef fish. Clouds of white and black convict tangs, anglefish to name a few will swarm around you, bring a little bread with you and they will eat out of your hand. After the underwater adventures we will take you to our private island “Motu”, for a visit and a nice selection of fresh local fruits.