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Such a Romantic Tour and great local music!! - A.Carrey Brisbane AUD

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"2 of the best Private access roads available only with Vavau Adventures


"Visit WWII Guns and enjoy the beautiful view from above"



"Share a bottle of bubbly with your significant other while watching the sunset"


"Spacious open aired trucks able to climb the roughest terrain"



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"Great Adventure"

We've taken a tour with Vavau adventures because of all the good reviews here. And we especially asked for Djangho as a guide as he got so many great comments. Was absolutely worth the money and we had a fun day. Plus it's a different way to see Bora - not the usual "by boat"-kind-of-tour. Highly recommended.

“Perfect Day on Bora Bora”

Spent a wonderful day with Tamara who drove us to many beautiful view points around Bora Bora. She is a wealth of knowledge who is very passionate about her island and home. And as a local she made it feel very personal and we gained a sense of community from her...a great way to experience the island

“Fun! Scary! Fun!”

I did not expect that this tour includes the range rover climbing to the mountains, I literally thought I was going to fall out of that Range Rover.. But it was so much fun!! This tour, you get to tour the whole Bora-Bora and actually see the island from the top.. They picked us up from our hotel, and it took us to different sites.. Our tour guide had refreshments for us, close today to the end he also took us to where we can shee how beach wraps tiedie are created locally. They have fruits available to sample and restroom 🙂 
This tour is one you want to take in land


-Do we need sunscreen?

Although our trucks are covered you will be getting out of the truck a few times and having a little sunscreen is always a good idea. I would recommend SPF 50 sunscreen. It doesn’t go higher that that, if you see more it’s just a gimmick to get you to pay more!

-What kinds of shoes should I wear?

Wear comfortable flip flops/slippers/tongs or shoes, please refrain from wearing anything with heals as when you get out of the truck to visit the sites the ground can be a bit uneven.

-Should I bring a camera?

Definitely bring your camera, there will be many picture taking opportunities along the way. It’s really hard to miss a shot in Bora Bora.

-Is it safe?

We have engineered our roads to be the safest on the island. Our tour is designed around safety first and our Tour guides have been trained with that on their minds first!



-Should I bring money?

I would advise you to bring a bit of money as we do make a stop at a Pareu (sarong) workshop. These Pareu’s are fairly inexpensive and a great hand made souvenir from Bora Bora.

-What happens if it rains?

Our trucks have a top and if necessary we do have side covers we pull down which are see through.

-I have a bad back can I still go?

We have taken many people that have bad backs and we make sure to be extra careful when someone with that condition is on board! Even having that person sit next to the driver so that they are facing frontwards. We have designed our roads to be as easy as possible.

-How many stops or sites do we visit?

It really depends on the weather and road conditions. But in general we have about 3 to 4 stops in the mountains and 2 or 3 around the main road.

-How long is the tour?

The tour is about 3hrs long


-Are there bugs and mosquitoes?

Depending on the seasons there will be more than other times. But I would recommend you bringing your own bug repellant, especially if your skin is extra sensitive to mosquito bites.

-My hotel is located on a private island who do I get to you? Or how do you pick me up?

For all hotels we do pick you up on the main island of Bora Bora. Each hotel has a specific pick up locations around the island.

-Does my guide speak my language?

We have guides that can speak English, Spanish, Italian, French and Japanese.





Come with us and experience the stunning Sunsets of Bora Bora by 4WD. Explore the island and learn a little about its culture and history. Enjoy the nights’ eve as the blue skies turn into yellow, orange, and pink clouds dancing their way to the horizon. With a glass of bubbly in hand and your significant other by your side you can toast to a beautiful day spent in Bora Bora.

Our Talented guide will be accompanying the beginning of your romantic evening with carefully selected Tahitian music played on a Ukulele.

You can make an evening out of it and reserve a table at any of the local restaurants to finish your scenic evening in style! We’ll drop you off at a restaurant of your choice or back to your hotel’ pick up area.



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